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Ben Young Considers Unfair Prejudice in His Talk on Moms

 - Jul 7, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Ben Young, an MBA Candidate at the University of Oxford's Said Business School, begins his talk on moms by considering how deeply stigmatized the role can be now that it's largely been cast away due to women's increased involvement in the workforce.

More specifically, Young focuses on the stay-at-home mom, and how the use of the title itself causes the role to be unfairly looked down upon. To get a better understanding of the extent of this, Young did a quick Google search of "stay at home moms are..." which yielded results such as "lazy," "annoying," "pathetic," and "the worst." With this, he exposes some of the problematic attitudes and judgements that are associated with the role, which have caused a sexist and problematic dialog to continue.

Throughout his talk on moms, Young explores the issues with the discrepancies between narratives, which has caused society to have a flawed concept of what's important, in that only economic principles are considered to be valuable. With this, Young brings awareness to the importance of the role of the stay-at-home mom, and the need to acknowledge her impact.