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Jennifer Daniel's Design Discussion Looks at Her Motherhood Experience

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: 99u
Parenting has never been easy, and in Jennifer Daniel's design discussion, the New York Times graphics editor examines how modern networks and design principles have permeated the public consciousness to make it even harder.

When Daniel had her twins, she understood what the true meaning of tiredness and loneliness meant (as she mentions, she called up her friends who'd had kids in the past to apologize if she ever complained about how tired she was in front of them.) What she also noticed, though, is that those feelings were compounded by the specter of social media. Platforms like Instagram were full of content featuring mothers who would design the perfect meals, spaces, and events for their children, and the sheer effort involved in such a presentation is demoralizing and not worth the effort it takes to achieve it.

It might seem trite, but the ultimate message from Daniel's design discussion is to stay true to oneself, especially on social media. Don't Instagram perfectly manicured and edited images, and don't Tweet vapid falsities.