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Cap Watkins' UX Discussion Applies Design Principles to Daily Life

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: 99u
As the VP of Design at Buzzfeed, Cap Watkins knows a good deal about user experience (UX), and in his GIF-laden UX discussion, he looks at how the principles of that design concept can be applied to people's lives in general.

After taking on his role as VP of Design, Watkins set about building a strong and collaborative culture in which people in all arms of the Buzzfeed business are aware of the role of design and the importance of the designers. Building that culture isn't easy, though, so Watkins resorted to his area of expertise in solving the many issues that arose.

One of the keys to building a strong culture, or improving any aspect of one's career or life, is to set a clear goal. For Buzzfeed, the goal was to remove the silos that separated designers from engineers from product managers. By adding new tools for open collaboration, they were able to achieve that specific goal easily.