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The Celeste Headlee talk on conversation discusses the power of listening. The writer and radio host...

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Celeste Headlee’s Talk on Conversation Explains Vital Communication Skills

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: youtu.be
In this humorous and engaging talk on conversation, speaker Celeste Headlee discusses ten ways to significantly improve one’s communication skills. The speech emphasizes the importance of having great conversations, even in a society where many people have contradicting opinions about politics, parenting and healthcare.

As a writer and radio host, Headleee has created a list of ten rules that will result in better conversations. These rules include being present -- not multitasking, using open-ended questions and being brief.

During Headlee’s talk on conversation she notes that making eye contact, nodding and repeating what has been said only symbolizes the act of listening, but won't result in a great conversation. In a world that is very much consumed with technology, the ability to talk and attentively listen to one another is perhaps one of the most powerful skills to have.