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Valter Tucci Considers Psychological Growth in His Talk on Attachment

 - Jun 21, 2017
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Valter Tucci, a Senior Group Leader for the Italian Institute of Technology's Neurobehavioural Genetics group, shows how powerful the actions of parents and caregivers are during a person's early stages of psychological development throughout his talk on attachment.

More specifically, Tucci considers the role that different bonds play in these early stages, and the changes that can occur when a parent's level of investment is adapted to suit their unique lifestyle. In addition, Tucci shows how the human species raises their offspring, and the advantages that come with a woman's ability to delegate care giving responsibilities to others.

With so many parenting infrastructures available, there's many different types of bonds that can be formed throughout a person's early stages of development. As Tucci's talk on attachment shows, these connections are vital to one's sleep and brain functions, and that a lack of attachment in even the first year of life can lead to larger issues later on.