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The Tamar Elkeles talk on livelihood discusses community-focused organizations. The speaker...

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Tamar Elkeles’ Talk on Livelihood Reflects on Community-Focused Brands

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: bigthink
During this brief, yet insightful talk on livelihood, Tamar Elkeles shares some key factors that are shaping the modern workplace. The first thing she notes, is that women need to be placed in more leadership roles. Elkeles believes that society is at an inflection point and that the year 2016 is continuing to present new conferences and programs that will allow women to showcase and harness their skills.

The underlying theme of this talk on livelihood truly focuses on the idea of diversity and community. Creating an internal work community of employees who have diverse backgrounds and experiences will increase collaboration in the workforce. It also offers Millennials the opportunity to grow, network and interact, which satisfies their curiosity to learn new things.

The talk proceeds to promote the idea of community, Elkeles says that "the next-generation workforce is really thinking about work differently. It's a give and take." She says that the ability to work, make friends, hang out and enjoy perks is changing the dynamics of modern companies for the better.