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Sheryl Sandberg's 2014 Harvard Commencement Address Offers Advice

 - May 29, 2014
In this year's Harvard commencement address, Sheryl Sandberg discusses the importance of opening yourself up to honesty.

The Facebook COO begins the Harvard commencement address by advising the graduating seniors on Senior Class Day not locking into a path too early opens people up to opportunity. Career paths are not straight, nor are they ladders.

The graduation speaker talks about being honest about with others, with yourself and about the world we live in. She emphasizes asking for the truth because outside of the school system feedback from employers will not come as easily. She also encourages simple and clear language when giving others constructive feedback. She knows from personal experience that people lie to themselves first.

Lastly Sandberg talks about gender equality in the workplace. She asserts our expectations are too low and that eventually needs to become immediately. She asks the graduating class to take ownership over the state of the world, become it is not someone else's problem. Silence implies approval, but with the power of community behind them they can demand and create truly equal opportunity.