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The Dan Murphy talk on expression delves deep into the drawing of cartoons as a profession. Since...

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Dan Murphy’s Talk on Expression Promotes Artistic Freedom of Thought

 - Mar 27, 2016
References: ideacity
Throughout this talk on expression, Dan Murphy says that cartoonists have a job beyond creating images or making people laugh. These artists are also working to undermine pomp, question authority and encourage a skeptical eye. Without cartoonists -- or those breaking down authority to create equivalency, our social views skewed and based on one perspective.

This insightful talk truly empowers artistic expression and personal belief. Murphy is able to connect today’s bold and provocative cartoons to images and sketches created by cavemen. This talk poses the question: what makes pictures powerful? Murphy says that it is embedded in our DNA, that "we are genetically inclined to make marks and to try and define the marks made by others."

As a cartoonist himself, Murphy’s talk on expression is personal, yet it also encourages society to think inquisitively about art. Freedom of thought and expression must remain as such; otherwise society will become single-minded.