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Scott Mccloud's Comics Speech Discusses Vision & Perception

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: scottmccloud & youtube
In Scott Mccloud's comics speech, he discusses the visual potential and magic of cartoons by turning his presentation into a cartoon-like, immersive experience, allowing the audience to use their touch and hearing senses.

Mccloud tells the audience of three different types of vision; the first being a vision based on the unseen and unknowable, the second being a vision that has been proven or ascertained and lastly, a vision that has yet to be proven.

There are also four basic principles of perceiving the world: learn from everyone, follow no one, watch for patterns and hard work. These four principles act as a path for envisioning and manifesting the future.

In the realm of arts, these principles result in four attitudes. The first attitude is a formalist approach that attempts to understand the function of the art form. The second is one that embraces beauty and craft. The third being the belief in pure transparency and last, the emphasis on the authenticity of the honesty and rawness of human experience.