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The Brian Levin talk is on privacy in the digital age. The attorney is a professor of criminal... Need Inspiration?

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Brian Levin's Internet Privacy Talk on Free Speech Rights

 - Dec 19, 2014
In his Internet privacy talk, Brian Levin discusses the need to reconfigure the right to privacy in a digital age. The criminologist and attorney explains that in a desire for free and instant communication, we willingly give up a "torrent of information" that is in essence trading away our identity.

The speaker identifies the greatest threats to privacy as tech firms, the government, hackers and ourselves. Though the right to privacy is protected under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution in the United States and freedom of expression under the First, we need to recalibrate what that means for the Internet. Like celebrities, we have become commodities whose daily online habits have become highly valuable to advertisers. To offer personalized ads, Facebook, for example, can track the sites you visit when you are still logged in via cookies and can do this even across devices.

The Internet privacy talk also offers solutions to handle these new threats.