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David Horsey's Drawing from Missed Perceptions Keynote Questions Politics

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: latimes & youtube
David Horsey's drawing from missed perceptions keynote questions why people hang onto perceptions that are untrue, and why they inaccurately perceive the world in front of them. He shows how anyone from average individuals to politicians and world leaders can perceive and misperceive themselves.

David Horsey uses his words and humorous cartoons to attack political campaigns that appear to be stuck in a period from 150 years ago. Politics keep people separated and divided by marketing their fears and misperceptions. To identify with what is right and wrong David Horsey gets feedback from individuals to disenthrall himself.

David asks audiences if society has the ability to set itself free to move past the perceptions people are led and misled. The drawing from missed perceptions keynote tells individuals that they must try to disenthrall from inaccurate perceptions themselves to save the country.