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Martin Roll's Branding Strategy Keynote Explores Top Asian Marketing

 - Jun 2, 2012
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In this branding strategy keynote from Martin Roll, the speaker shares his experiences in Asia and hones in on the importance of marketing and branding at the top level of a company.

Roll values a senior perspective in areas such as marketing, branding and design because these three things strongly influence the images and perceptions projected to consumers.

He references a variety of Asian brands including Samsung and LG, which have achieved high levels of success by assigning these roles to senior level employees. According to Roll, marketing is the one area that must be represented at the highest level of a company for it to embody cohesiveness and a truly accurate reflection of the brand.

On the topic of innovation, Roll believes that being the first to innovate no longer matters in industries today; what does matter, however, is being able to adapt quickly.