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Anatole Faykin Shows How to Conduct Business as a Non-Native Speaker

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: youtube
In this informative conversation with Internet Entrepreneur Anatole Faykin, he shares his experiences working abroad in China and how difficult it can be for those trying to conduct business in foreign countries where they do not speak the language. He explains that although it is best to have some understanding of the country's official language, it is possible for one to get by if they have someone who they can trust that can translate for them.

A hired translator is not enough; he stresses that the person doing the communicating for you should be a trusted partner in order for them to be able to communicate not only your desired words, but your business intentions and mission as well. Providing an interesting perspective on a common challenge faced by many businesses that operate on an international basis, Anatole Faykin gives unique suggestions for anyone trying to overcome language barriers in a business context.