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Cristina Domenech's Poetry Keynote Explores Written Forms of Expression

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: youtube
Cristina Domenech's poetry keynote shares an engaging talk about using language and writing to express creativity even in unlikely or unwelcoming places. Specifically, Domenech teaches a writing workshop at a prison where she says language is used as a tool to bring everyone together.

In these workshops, Domenech gives inmates the space, tools and opportunity to express their emotions, feelings, fears, doubts and everything in between through language and poetry. "At the workshop, in that beloved hell we share, we all give something," Domenech says. "We open our hands and hearts and give what we have, what we can." By introducing poetry into the prison system, Domenech was able to give inmates the chance to express themselves and receive education degrees. Many of the poems were even featured in published periodicals.

While Domenech shares her keynote in Spanish, there are a series of handy English subtitles featured at the bottom of the video to follow along to.