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Hanne Arts's Speech Speaks to Young Storytellers Just Starting Out

 - May 14, 2014
References: facebook & youtu.be
In this Hanne Arts presentation, a 17 year old published author offers writing tips. This TEDx talk is particularly motivational for anyone looking to pursue a creative or unconventional career, like starting out as a writer.

Hanne Arts draws inspiration from writers who have gone before her, such as J.K. Rowling. She believes people can set out to achieve anything as long as they believe in what they love. She offers several writing tips, including always carrying a notebook and pen to jot down fleeting ideas, finding inspiration in experiences and not giving up when faced with rejection. To deal with writer's block, she suggests establishing a daily routine and writing even if it's bad. She also strongly recommends remembering your reader.

Writing tips she disagrees with are that people have to be born with the ability to write. She also asserts while writing what you know can enrich your stories, extending your experience is also a good tactic.