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Elif Shafak is a Turkish writer who has given keynotes on her books and the subjects that they deal...

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Author Elif Shafak's Creativity Talk on Female Authors and Difficulties

 - Aug 26, 2013
References: elifshafak & youtube
Author Elif Shafak's creativity talk focuses on female authors, and explores why novel writing is so male dominated. Shafak believes that reading is more popular with women. Many of her male fans had a female friend recommend her books to them. So given that so many women love to read, it seems strange to think that most authors are male.

Shafak believes that women are being held back by a constant fear of judgement. She thinks that women are too concerned with how they are perceived, and they let this fear hold them back. Shafak wants this to change, because she believes that women are full of creative ideas, and have a lot to contribute in terms of writing.

This interesting creativity talk focuses not only on women, but also on the art of writing.