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Kevin Slavin Discusses the Complexities of Code in his Algorithm Keynote

 - Sep 21, 2012
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In this algorithm keynote, Kevin Slavin discusses how the world needs to reconsider the contemporary role of math and its transition of being something we derive from the world to something that actually starts to shape and control the world.
Computer programs and algorithms are now being used in every facet of life including the film industry, on Wall Street to the type of information we read on the Internet.

Slavin uses the algorithm of Netflix to demonstrate how algorithms are becoming more and more complicated and "unreadable." 60 percent of the movies a user will or will not watch is dependent on one line of code on Netflix.

As Slavin puts it, the world is "no longer able to read the things [it] wrote." His algorithm keynote is an interesting discussion that draws serious conclusions about the world today.