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Malte Spitz's Your Phone Company is Watching Keynote Shows Privacy Invasion

 - Jul 25, 2012
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This your phone company is watching keynote asks users if they know what information their data phone company knows about them. The European project of data retention has given Internet service providers and mobile phone companies the right to store data about their customers from six months to two years.

In a world where millions of people have cell phones, these phone companies track text messages, e-mails and every phone call individuals make. To better understand the power these companies have, Malte Spitz decided to find out exactly what his phone company knew about him.

After his mobile service provider was unresponsive, Malte started a lawsuit against the company, and he ended with a settlement that came in the form of a CD. This CD held 35,000 records of information detailing the previous six months of his life. Your phone company is watching keynote shares the data Malte’s phone company stored about his life, and he proves that these stored records invade personal privacy.