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Geoff Canada Gives a Class Warfare of Technology Keynote

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: youtube
Geoff Canada's class warfare of technology keynote addresses the fascinating subject of the way that technological devices are widening the gap between wealthy and poor children. Using his own personal experiences, he shares a story of having to run downstairs to his computer to Google a question that his own child asked him about his homework. He then ponders what kids who don't have access to the Internet do when their richer peers do. He questions how they can compete, move forward and excel on an uneven playing field.

Canada's class warfare of technology keynote takes on a very vital issue that many children across the world are facing. Circumstances are not in the favor of some, but should this limit them? Canada argues that these tools should be available to all and should not deter modern day children from reaching their full potential.