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Nirmalya Kumar's India Innovation Keynote Introduces a Profound Concept

 - Jul 3, 2012
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As is explained in this India innovation keynote from Nirmalya Kumar, the last two decades have ushered in massive changes for India. Transforming into a global hub for software development and offshore services, India is redefining innovation for the world today.

Traditionally, India is rarely perceived as having the potential to become a true hub of innovation due to its education system which is set up in a way that hinders creativity -- but things are beginning to change.

Kumar then introduces the concept of invisible innovation, which he uses to outline the types of innovation taking place in India. Visible innovation can be characterized by new products and services for end users, whereas invisible innovation is categorized by innovation for business customers, outsourcing innovation, process innovation and management innovation.

Kumar's presentation is extremely insightful and demonstrates the massive leaps India has taken.