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Brian Eno Discusses the Source of Inspiration in this Human Culture Keynote

 - Jun 6, 2012
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Drawing upon Darwin's approach to evolution, Brian Eno discusses the counter intuitive notion of complexity and intelligence as something that grows out of simplicity in this human culture keynote. The impact that Darwin's discovery made turned the approach of having reality dictate intelligence upside down, something that Brian Eno feels should be done with culture.

All life is somehow unified and interdependent. While people used to think they held the privileged point of view, technology and exploration has revealed that humans make up such a minute portion of life on earth.

Culture is continuously changing how people view themselves. It changes impressions, notions of where and who we are, options afforded to us, things we should and shouldn't do. Culture is a place created to feel safe and to try out another way of being and feeling. Innovations, social developments and approaches don't arise from a select few, but instead are determined by people as a unified whole interacting with one another and being affected by culture.