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Mila Kunis Talks About Her First Experience in the United States

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: youtube
In this intriguing video discussion with celebrity actress Mila Kunis, she talks about her acting career, the discipline it took to learn how to dance for the film ‘Black Swan’ and about the culture shock she experienced when moving to the United States for the first time.

Having only ever seen Caucasian people in her small town in the Ukraine, a 7-year-old Mila was surprised the first time she saw a black man in the United States and describes the experience as being very enlightening. She explains how she met the man at the American embassy and had her first lessons about race from him as he was able to communicate to her in Russian. In this honest, personal and revealing talk with Mila Kunis, she not only takes us inside the world of acting but also gives us some perspective on what it is like to be an new immigrant moving to the United States.