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Don Tapscott Delivers A Global Re-Civilization Keynote

 - Jul 19, 2012
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This global re-civilization keynote has the renowned author and media expert Don Tapscott discussing the power of the web as a platform to create value. The world is at a turning point and Tapscott believes that the future is something to be achieved. Many of the old industrial institutions are stalling and failing, no longer taking us any further in society. And, there is a new mode of production that fundamentally changes the architecture of the institutions of our times -- social media.

For for the 21st century, there needs to be an embracing of a new set of principles. Tapscott believes that it is not an age of information as many people are claiming; instead it is the rise of the age of the networked intelligence. Showing how social media allows for the power of self-organization in the new generation of digital natives, there is a force of change in education, science and government.