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Matt Ridley Discusses the Strength of Ideas Colliding

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: rationaloptimist & youtube
Matt Ridley is a British author and optimism theory enthusiast. In his book ‘The Rational Optimist,’ Ridley outlines the powerful effects of collaboration. Ridely believes that "everyone working for everybody else" will bring true prosperity to the global economy.

Ridley boldly states that the "engine of human progress" is powered by the meeting and mating of ideas. Humans have a selfish tendency to get ahead and focus on personal gain. With a collaborative attitude, the world would progress at a faster and smoother rate.

He effectively argues that how clever one individual is becomes an unimportant matter. What matters and holds infinite value is how smart the collective brain is. Ideas colliding with one another and reproducing bigger and brighter ideas is the steam pushing humanity forwards.