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Don Tapscott's Financial Crisis Keynote Focuses on Three Principles

 - Jul 10, 2012
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This engaging financial crisis keynote from Don Tapscott offers three fundamental principles to guide a healthy transformation of Wall Street. While the majority of speeches and keynotes discussing the financial crisis on Wall Street are typically dull, monotone and even depressing at times, Tapscott's speech is complete with fascinating anecdotes and hope for a better future.

To restore long-term health and trust on Wall Street, integrity, collaboration and transparency need be at the core of some fundamental changes to take place. Not only is it imperative that the individuals on Wall Street be more honest and accountable, they also need to start working with other agencies such as the government in a transparent fashion. Citizens should be able to count on the fact that every single operation is being executed in a fair and just manner.

Tapscott's financial crisis keynote offers a refreshing take on the changes that need to occur in order to restore the stability of the global market.