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Don Tapscott's Open Technology Keynote Dissects Modern Openness

 - Jul 3, 2012
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In this open technology keynote, Don Tapscott discuss the openness which is a definitive characteristic of the modern world today. Today, society is witnessing the first generation ever to come of age surrounded by technology; the youth of today are the first to embrace technology, as opposed to finding it intimidating or unsettling. This generation can be defined as technology natives, whereas Tapscott and his generation are labelled as technology immigrants.

With the increasing importance and relevance of technology, comes the need for everyone to open up to it. He then outlines the four principles of today's open world as collaboration, transparency, sharing and empowerment. The boundaries of countless institutions today are being torn down, creating more transparency and accountability. Technology today enables regular individuals to access different information and quickly. And with this information, today's world is becoming more empowered than ever.