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This Eli Pariser Keynote Discusses The Problem of Tailored Search Results

 - May 5, 2012
References: ted & youtube
As revealed in this Eli Pariser keynote, there is a growing shift in the way that online information is flowing. The author of 'The Filter Bubble' talks about invisible algorithmic editing and how search engines are beginning to tailor results. Information such as what computer you use, what search engine you're using to browse and where you're located are taken into consideration when producing a list of results, meaning that there is no longer a standard Google.

Pariser goes on to say that the Internet is thus showing users what it thinks they want to see rather than what they need to see. If algorithms are going to determine what people see and don't see then they can't just be geared towards relevance. It's important that the Internet connects people together while introducing new ideas and different perspectives.