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Margaret Atwood Shares Her Process in this Novel Writing Speech

 - Aug 2, 2013
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Author Margaret Atwood discusses her creative process in this novel writing speech. Atwood starts out by saying that the urge to write comes naturally, along with a slew of strange ideas. She says that people who want to pursue writing, but don't know where to begin, may not be cut out for this line of work.

Atwood claims that she often ends up selecting her most outrageous ideas and attempting to turn them into books. While a part of her feels as though she would be better off writing something more tame, she prefers a creative challenge.

Margaret advises aspiring writers to carry a notebook with them where ever they go, in case a brilliant or bizarre idea pops into their head. Atwood reveals that when she's caught without her notebook, she'll resort to writing ideas on her arms.

Lastly, she states that not every book will start off on the right foot. Often writers will have to start over more than once until they get it just right.