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Adam Falkner's Social Identity Talk on Cross-Cultural Dialogues

 - Oct 12, 2013
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The social identity talk by Adam Falkner explores how creative writing can change the world.

His speech explains the work he started with the Dialogue Arts Project, which began as a part of his high school English class. The idea is based on students using their lives and stories as academic subject matter and treating creative writing as archaeology. By excavating their own lives, his classroom became a safe space where young people could ask each other truly difficult questions and engage in a cross-cultural dialogue. By discovering more about their own identities, the project also worked as a launching point to have a bigger societal conversation.

The social identity talk also mentions the buzzword culture present in education and how we gain a false sense of accomplishment from using these buzzwords without looking at their deeper meaning. He advocates for a democratization of the arts and of our education system.