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Peter Perceval's Sense of Humor Talk Defines the Key to Innovation

 - Jun 26, 2014
In his sense of humor talk, Peter Perceval claims having fun is important because a sense of humor is key to innovation. After writing and producing comedy shows for 25 years, the speaker discovered it is the element of surprise that makes people laugh. When we make jokes we consciously make surprises appear. As a joke is essentially a linear story, the human brain will try to foresee the outcome, but the joke tries to bend expectations with the punchline.

According to Perceval, laughing is the expression of a learning process in your brain. It's evolution's way of telling us learning is fun. Since laughing produces endorphins, making information travel faster through your brain, having a sense of humor is important when you want to convey a message.

Even though people say making jokes is a talent, the sense of humor talk offers a three step method to train your own comedy reflex: change your point of view, be aware of ambiguity and exaggerate imagination.