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Soka Moses's Talk on Ebola Considers Lasting Symptoms and Stigma

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: tedmed & youtube
Physician Soka Moses delivered a talk on Ebola for a TED MED event, in which he describes his experiences working in one of the largest treatment centers in Liberia during the outbreak in 2014, as well as the impact the virus has had since.

During the outbreak, Moses quickly had to learn as much as he could about the dangerous disease, and decided to stay behind and help those dealing with it, rather than leaving like many of the other health providers around him did. Thousands of people in West Africa were lost to the disease, however Moses continued to help in any way he could.

When it was announced that the outbreak had ended, Moses and others believed that the problems associated with the disease were over, however he quickly learned that the stigma surrounding it continued, and that many survivors were dealing with PTSD, chronic pain, blindness, and much more.

With his talk on Ebola, Moses shows how the fear of the disease is still prevalent, and the stigma facing its survivors deeply affects them. By considering the survivors, he highlights the need to offer continued support, and to provide these people with the resources to fully heal.