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Markham Nolan's Integrity in Journalism Keynote Exposes False Sources

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: markhamnolan & youtube
The Internet is a constantly expanding and sometimes overwhelming source of information that is ever-evolving , making it difficult for journalists like Markham Nolan to find credible sources compared to the pre-Web period, as discussed in his integrity in journalism keynote.

The massive influx of information uploaded to the Internet consists of staggering statistics. With more videos uploaded per hour than one can watch in a day, Nolan along with other journalists must carefully sift through and filter out the fakes and frauds of online media to find the diamond in the rough.

Nolan stresses in his integrity in journalism keynote that while information spreads like a virus on the Internet, users must be extra cautious in verifying the legitimacy behind these so-called facts. As major sources overflowing with the newest information from all over the world, YouTube and Twitter are one of top providers of infectious content. But in recent cases such as Hurricane Sandy, it becomes clear that not all sources are genuine, often creating fake videos of composite images purely for the viral factor. As news reporters and journalists use online tools to intelligently hunt down the clues and piece them together like a group of detectives, they must keep an open but focused mind when searching for the truth.