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Mikko Hypponen Discusses the Three Types of Attacks on the Internet

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
Mikko Hypponen has built a career dissolving some of the most threatening computer virus outbreaks the global community has ever witnessed. In this speech, he discusses Internet crime and the three types of criminals that exist today.

Mikko Hypponen begins his speech by suggesting that society today is undergoing an immense transformation during which governments are using technology to control citizens. The three sources of online crime include online criminals motivated by money, "hacktivists" who are motivated by opinion and protest, and governments who are motivated by the desire to control the online activity of citizens. Mikko Hypponen explains how an individual is more likely to become the victim of online crime than a physical crime. He expresses his concern for what this means for the future. He worries that as national governments engage in unlawful online activity, there will be no one to defend and protect the masses.