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Michael Siegmund's Talk About Innovation is on Personality Differences

 - Feb 28, 2016
In his talk about innovation, Michael Siegmund aims to clear up a common misunderstanding and differentiate between an idea and innovation. The speech is on understanding your individual preferences and predispositions and how they affect you as an innovator and idea creator.

The speaker explains how there is an important step in between the two concepts that is often forgotten, but absolutely crucial: realization. He uses the Ebola outbreak to illustrate this point, from thinking of a way to treat the disease to developing a vaccine. The talk about innovation states the innovation level always includes a quantifiable gain that betters society. This distinction is important because we all deal with things differently.

Siegmund describes two groups of people: pioneers and builders. The first deals with ideas and the second deals with realization. However, the two don't usually work well together, which often has a negative impact on the result.