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An Accessible Science Communication Keynote by Tyler DeWitt

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: tyler-dewitt & youtu.be
This accessible science communication keynote by Tyler DeWitt explains the problem with most science writing in textbooks and how it works to the detriment of science education.

DeWitt begins his keynote by explaining his passion for science. Unfortunately for DeWitt, he has a hard time getting his students (13-year-olds) to share the same zest for the subject. When he started to look at why that was the case, he realized the language in many science textbooks is highly inaccessible to most kids.

DeWitt simply and through anecdotes explains how a virus forms. He simplifies the language in a way that would better suit young students. However, such simplified language is frowned upon by publishers of science literature because it is not perfectly accurate. Therefore, DeWitt argues these textbooks trade accessibility for accuracy to the detriment of science education.