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Casey Gerald’s Talk About Purpose Reveals the New Playbook of Change

 - Mar 26, 2016
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Casey Gerald’s talk about purpose explains the importance of rethinking business, entrepreneurship and capitalism. During this inspirational speech, he declares that each person already knows what they want and how to get it. The real question is why are they doing it?

The 'New Playbook of Change' states that there are three rules that society should be aware of. One: that hierarchy is dead. Two: that we are all entrepreneurs. Three: that purpose is the bottom line. Gerald says number three is the most important, because if people don’t believe in why they are doing something, the lack of ambition will halt all future progress.

This talk about purpose ends with Gerald discussing the forward-thinking attitudes of typically traditional institutes such as Harvard Business School. Currently, a class called ‘Reimagining Capitalism’ is being taught there. This class reveals the social issues that must be addressed in order to wtiness progress. The ultimate goal is for creatives to simply use their skills and create a social awakening, which will inspire society to reach its full potential.