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Dambisa Moyo's Talk on Economic Growth Encourages New Ways of Thinking

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: youtu.be
In her talk on economic growth, Dambisa Moyo states "economic growth is the defining challenge of our time." The economist says it has stalled and it is time to fix it. Both developed countries and emerging markets face struggles in this endeavor, especially in a post-recession world.

The speaker explains that economic growth matters because without it human progress is at risk and political and societal instability rises. At the center of the talk on economic growth is a critique of capitalism, which fuels the world economy. The way both state and market-driven countries have approached capitalism has led to corruption and income inequality, and has not helped with economic growth.

The talk on economic growth suggests viewing capitalism as a spectrum, moving away from dogmatic and idealogical thinking and instead incorporating a broad mind with both right and left-leaning policies such as conditional transfers and corporate social responsibility programs.