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Keiichi Ushijima's Capitalism Talk Is On the Need For Structural Change

 - Jul 15, 2014
In his capitalism talk, Keiichi Ushijima explores how to transform the way we do business for the next generation.

Why does capitalism need transforming? According to the speaker, CEOs working on Wall Street earn 500 times more than the lowest employees' salary within their companies. Children aren't free as a lot of them are working under terrible conditions and not getting an education as a result. Some are even mining the minerals in our smartphones. In many parts of the world, women
aren't equal either. Essentially the current structure of capitalism deprives them of their basic human rights and is built on exploitation.

Rather than being money-centric and focused on short-term goals, the speaker suggests taking hints from traditional Japanese business management. The capitalism talk encourages business people to be courageous route-makers, not followers, if they want to change the world. He discusses cause and effect and the necessity of being a cause factor to get the desired effect. He sees the trend shifting from competition to collaboration.