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The Paul Tudor Jones II talk is on his recent work with Just Capital and increasing corporate social... Need Inspiration?

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The Speech on Inequality by Paul Tudor Jones II Discusses Corporate Giving

 - Apr 21, 2015
In his speech on inequality, Paul Tudor Jones II explains how the value people place on profit is not only voiding us of our humanity, but is also putting society in danger. He explains how higher profit margins in business do not encourage societal growth and in fact increase income inequality, which in turn creates social problems.

Historically this gap has closed in one of three ways: revolution, higher taxes or war. The speech on inequality presents increasing justice in corporate behavior as an alternative, but one that require an enormous amount of behavioral change. In addition to saying we first need to recognize "profit mania" is a problem, the speaker unveils the plan his not-for-profit organization Just Capital has for creating a nationally-held criteria for corporate social responsibility. The Just Index polls Americans about what they value in business, so that capitalism can be based on justice. He advocates for putting justice on par with profits to get our humanity back and starting where we work.