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Aaron Atchison Targets Happiness in His Talk on Potential

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Graphic designer Aaron Atchison was told that hard work and perseverance are key factors of a successful life when he was growing up, but he later realized that the most important part of unlocking his ability was his sustenance of long-term happiness, which he explains in his speech on potential.

As he was raised on a farm with a father who had a passion for the long hours and the demanding but rewarding labor, Atchison grew up working in an environment that he didn't particularly enjoy. He eventually discovered that his first passion lied in basketball, and he finally found that he was motivated to reach new levels of progress and really challenge himself. By discovering this, Atchinson started to evolve his definition of success, and focus on the aspects in his life that gave him a sense of fulfillment.

With his speech on potential, Atchinson shows the need to "feed the soil, not the plant." By this, he means that it's vital to nourish one's foundation rather than their short-term happiness. Although instant gratification can feel rewarding for a while, long-term happiness comes from achieving fulfillment and growing as a result.