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In Her Speech on Confidence, Helen Packham Shows How to Be a Leader

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: helenpackham & youtube
Helen Packham, a leadership and business coach who aims to help women feel more comfortable in the workplace and to take hold of the commanding positions that they're capable of, starts out her speech on confidence by asking her audience a simple question: "Who are you?"

She delves into the different definitions that one might combine to answer such a question, mentioning their interests, dislikes, their career, and much more. Like most people, Packham hasn't always been able to easily answer this question, especially when her daughter was born and she found that she was no longer able to control certain aspects of her life.

During this time, Packham started to anchor herself to others, and when she returned to work, she didn't feel as though she was meant to be there. This sense of displacement led her to start her own business, which enabled her to take charge of her life and finally feel confident in her ability.

Packham finishes her speech on confidence by highlighting the steps she took to reach success, such as establishing her needs and making sure that they were met, being clear on her values, and rewiring her belief system. In addition, Packham started to look within for happiness and validation, rather than worrying herself with what other people were doing.