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In Her Talk on Childbirth, Ashley Greenwald Tragash Considers the Psyche

 - Feb 20, 2017
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Ashley Greenwald Tragash, Project Administrator for the Positive Behavior Support-Nevada project, as well as the School Climate Transformation Project, explains the many ways that pregnancy and healthcare have changed in her talk on childbirth.

She starts out by acknowledging the shift in spirituality that's taken place, as well as the fact that women are no longer the ones who take control of the experience. Instead, it seems that all the trust has been placed in the hands of doctors. In the past, women gave birth in a squatting position as they were surrounded by others from the community and a midwife. At these times, the child was generally born in one's home, rather than in a hospital. Due to the current distance of this, Ashley Greenwald Tragash believes that women lose some of their confidence as mothers, as their intuition and natural ability are no longer seen quite as important as they once were.

After considering this, she continues her talk on childbirth by saying that although it's always necessary to make physical safety a top priority, it's also vital to maintain emotional empowerment. By acknowledging the impacts of the latter, Ashley Greenwald Tragash shows that the way women give birth matters and that they should have a choice in how they go through the experience.