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Kristy Tillman's 'Inviting Yourself to the Table' Talk Inspires Confidence

 - May 31, 2017
References: vimeo & 99u
Designer Kristy Tillman's 'Inviting Yourself to the Table' talk centers around the speaker's self confidence evolution, and explores her many roadblocks to success. In her speech for 99u -- a conference that aims to empower the creative community -- Tillman defines the idea of inviting yourself to the table as "the moment you decide to create opportunities without asking for permission or waiting for an invitation."

She asks the audience if they've ever declined to share ideas, as a result of feeling like they didn't belong, or like they were not qualified enough to make decisions. With many raised hands, Kristy Tillman explains the importance of self-worth and proactive action when it comes to success, despite it sometimes seeming like a risk. She speaks about building one's own opportunities rather than waiting for permission or encouragement.

The designer's speech concludes with reference to the Detroit Water Project, "an organization started in response to united officials shutting off the running water for single mothers in the Detroit area." The project, started by Tillman, and partner Tiffany Bell has raised over $200,000 in water bills since 2014 -- a testament of the power of not asking for permission and finding one's voice during times of crisis or conflict.