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In His Talk on Laughter, Clint Darr Shows the Bonds It Can Form

 - Jun 2, 2017
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Clint Darr, a teacher, starts out his talk on laughter by asking his audience to smile, and then explains the slight change in emotion they likely experienced by doing so. Later, he asks them to laugh, an activity that he refers to as "laugh track laughter."

He continues his talk on laughter by explaining the bond he was able to form with his fourth grade class by telling them stories to make them laugh. As he comes from a family that loves to laugh as well, Darr has felt that he's been able to sustain much of his own happiness by taking the time to celebrate life's less serious moments, and even overcome barriers as a result.

By integrating activities into his talk, Darr enables his audience to experience the benefits of the so-called "universal language" that he promotes. With this, he reminds them to take part in the therapeutic display of emotion to make them healthier and happier, especially when they're in states of strain.

He finishes his talk on laughter by reiterating its ability to bring people closer together, and even bring a little more peace to the world.