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Eugene Mirman Gives a Funny Speech About Persistence

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: eugenemirman & youtube
At the Hampshire College 2012 Commencement, actor and comedian Eugene Mirman gave a funny and impassioned keynote speech about persistence.

Delivering a constant stream of laughter throughout his speech about persistence, Mirman also managed to sneak in a few moments of genuine advice. A former attendee of Hampshire College, Mirman related a few of his stories and experiences to the audience. The crux of his keynote however, focused on life after college, especially as it pertained to being a graduate with a liberal arts degree. As someone who majored in comedy, Mirman was often confronted with the idea of what he would do after he graduated. Ultimately he discovered that it didn’t matter what you graduated in or wanted to do, so long as you went out and did it.

Eugene Mirman concluded by repeating his notion of giving 10 years to whatever you wanted to do. If you stuck with your passion and worked hard at it, eventually you would succeed.