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The Speech to the Millennial Generation by Stephen Colbert Gave Sage Advice

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: colbertnation & youtube
In his 2013 Valedictorian Address to the University of Virginia, Stephen Colbert delivered a rousing speech to the millennial generation.

Known for his satirical wit, Stephen Colbert appeared in his Comedy Central character and dolled out a healthy amount of laughs and gratitude for being allowed to speak before them. Colbert would go on to discuss the history of the school and its founder, President Thomas Jefferson. Amidst all the laughs however, Colbert offered sage advice in his speech to the millennials. Acknowledging that the previous generation had left them a difficult road ahead, Colbert argued that this is the perfect moment for them to forge a path for themselves and that they should resolve to take the hard path; in taking the hard path, they would create something new for themselves.

Stephen Colbert left the class of 2013 with a lot of laughs, but with a lot of food for thought as well.