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This Jeffrey Kluger Keynote Discusses the Necessary Relationship Amongst Kin

 - Apr 13, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Jeffrey Kluger keynote, the speaker addresses the impact that sibling relationships have on a person's life. The senior writer at TIME Magazine and author of The Sibling Effect discusses the profound bond between brother and sister as it is one of the only relationships that affects a person's life throughout his or her entire existence. As he mentions, "parents leave early and spouses come late, siblings are there for the whole ride."

Of course, anyone who is lucky enough to have any siblings knows that it isn't always laughter and camaraderie; oftentimes there are those moments in which a brother or sister can be the last person one wants to talk to. However, despite the various factors that may pit siblings against each other the fact remains that it is relationship for which there is no substitute.