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Jeff Bezos Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs in His Speech on Passion

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: forbes & youtube
Jeff Bezos offers important advice to young entrepreneurs in his speech on passion.

While the underlying message of what he’s saying – "follow your passion" – is easily grasped and understood, Bezos digs a little deeper in order to provide a better context for the pitfalls future entrepreneurs make. One of the biggest errors he sees, as it relates to passion, is that there are many entrepreneurs who are chasing the quick hot trend of the day in order to just make money. In the late 90s, it was Internet start-ups and way before that it was the gold rush. On the off chance that you succeed, he questions if it will ultimately leave you unsatisfied.

In order to find out what is you want, Bezos says in his speech on passion, you need to be clear with yourself. This is done by projecting forward to age 80 looking back on your life and trying to minimize the regrets you’d have.