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Larry Smith’s Pursuing Dreams Keynote Exposes Reasons for Failur

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: economics.uwaterloo & youtube
University of Waterloo’s economics instructor Dr. Larry Smith gives an inspiring speech on the obstacles of ideal careers in his pursuing dreams keynote. There have been many reasons—or excuses, as Smith calls them—for relinquishing dreams. A couple of the most lethal include fear and human refuge.

As Smith describes, many people are afraid of pursuing their passions because they fear failure, they fear the pressure of the critical eye that constantly lays upon them when they attempt to branch from the norm to pursue their deepest desires. A person’s passion is the "greatest fascination in [their] life," he explains, and should not be forgone for any reasons.

Unfortunately, life is not a mathematic equation and hard work is not always equivalent to great results. The economics teacher boils down the issue, exposing those who put themselves on a pedestal whilst seeking refuge in human relationships. "Unless" is a powerful word and opens many doors to many opportunities as well as regrets.

Smith ties off his insightful pursuing dreams keynote by illustrating a vivid image of what-ifs ricocheting in one’s head and a haunting word: unless.