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Jeff Bezos's Decision Making Keynote Gives a Useful Way to Make Choices

 - Apr 14, 2013
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This decision making keynote by Jeff Bezos discusses a great mentality to possess when tackling new endeavors. He begins by explaining the thought process he had when he was thinking about starting a new initiative. His problem was that he already had a great job and it would be a huge risk to try and do something else.

He overcame this by creating what he calls Regret Minimization Framework. He said that this made his decision incredibly easy. The framework works by projecting yourself into an older person and thinking about the regrets you would have at that time.

This mentality can help you overcome short term confusions that you may have. For instance, at the end of his decision making keynote, Jeff describes that by leaving his job at the time he did he gave up his annual bonus. This bonus would mean nothing in the future.